Grythyttan Gourmet

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We want with the range of Grythyttan Gourmet offer really good frozen meals with high quality
. Healthy everyday luxury, quite simply!

Our challenge to the Restaurant School in Grythyttan was to develop useful dishes with a gourmet touch. In Grythyttan is Sweden’s first and only research in the multidisciplinary branch of Culinary Arts (Culinary Arts & Meal Science), where specialists are researching consumer experiences around meals (sensory function, molecular gastronomy, fast food, meals at home, etc.), and mediates new knowledge to the students of the courses.

Grythyttan Gourmet is a new brand of frozen convenience foods, launched by the company DelMat AB
. These are frozen ready meals with high quality and selected materials from the ”Meal Realm” surrounding Grythyttan in central Sweden.

The town and the name Grythyttan in recent years has become a household word in the gastronomic world. A concept that characterizes the quality and culinary experiences. Our products must be easy to handle, smell good, satisfy the eye and above all taste good
. Grythyttan Gourmet seek a high level and consistent quality, and we abide by consumers’ demands for nutritional and products with minimal environmental impact.

Grythyttan Gourmet will become the natural choice for the trend-and health-conscious modern man. Man who is on the move and while the days she chooses to eat a pre-cooking option should be sure that she gets an exciting, fresh, healthy and good choices – Grythyttan Gourmet

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Grythyttan Gourmet will initially be offered at restaurants and fast food & cafe chains who want to give customers something more than simply ‘hunger’. There may be such as cafés, delicatessen shops in the market halls, events and seasonal customers and restaurants.